What are the EscortMOD posting rules?

Feb 13, 2021
We list a summary of the publication rules present in our Terms and Conditions
  • It is forbidden to create two identical Independent or Agency accounts;
  • It is forbidden to create two identical escort profiles;
  • It is forbidden to delete an account/profile and create another in order to climb the position;
  • It is forbidden to insert fake profiles or use fake photos belonging to other people;
  • It is forbidden to insert emails, telephone numbers or web URLs in the photos or in the body of the "About Me/Biography " text (there are the appropriate fields);
  • It is prohibited to insert hashtags or fill the text with keywords excessively and unnaturally.

For all FREE accounts that enter the URL of their website, the exchange of links / banners MANDATORY is required. If we find that our banners/links have not been placed on your site, we will remove the URL from your profile.

If you break any of the following rules, we will moderate or modify the profile in order to make it compliant with the rules or in the most serious cases we will remove it.  

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