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Claude Love
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About Me

I"m a kinky submissive escort in my mid-20s, living in London. I describe myself as a wild child or escapist because I"m into experiences: the feeling that you can just go out one day, meet a lover, whether someone you"ve built a connection with, or someone new, and have the kind of sex, conversation or preferably both, that you"re still thinking about years later. I"ve enjoyed BDSM since I was a teenager, with a particular interest in roleplay and fantasy. ​

I"m an "alternative beauty". I have some small tattoos scattered across my slim body, and a few facial piercings, punk-looking but still elegant. I"m petite, with B-cup breasts, and a to-die-for bottom that is highly spankable (I know everyone says that, but I get turned on when I see my own bent over form, it"s that good). ​

I"m also an artist and musician. I studied at Oxbridge, but had a love/hate relationship with academia, always wanting to escape back to London to go to shows, performance evenings, or simply to go on the kind of dates that are in short supply in university towns. I won"t tell you which college I was at, but I will tell you that my favourite writers are Ursula Le Guin and Alan Hollinghurst. My most memorable dates take in both GFE and kink: combining inexcusably hot and filthy sex with, if we want it, the development of a real connection. ​

I"m also a lingerie fetishist - with a penchant for the classically slutty: stilettos, stockings, and a stupidly flimsy amount of lace that reveals and conceals in just the right places. I love how a different look can create an entirely different sexual response in both me and you.

I wear a wig in pictures to protect my privacy, my real hair is a shorter crop. I don"t shave my natural leg or armpit hair (I like being hairy and find it feminine), but I do keep other areas trimmed.

​Incalls and Outcalls in Central London​

I prefer to meet dates at high quality hotels around Central London, as it gives me that sense of excitement. When you arrive you"ll be offered a shower and a drink, we will have a brief conversation outlining desires and expectations for the session, confirm our limits, and when you are comfortable, we can begin!​

I am also very happy to visit you for an outcall at a location of your choosing. Travel outside of London is possible.

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